Podcasts Galore

Over the last few months Sarah and I have been going to the Rec Center a bit more. I’ve picked up on several podcasts that I enjoy listening to while working out, so I thought I would share my list in case anyone wants to check them out. Now you don’t need an i device to listen to a podcast as they all provide an mp3 that you can download to listed to on your computer or other music player. The only advantage with using iTunes on these, is that it automatically downloads the new episode for you and puts it on your i device the next time you sync. Now on to the list.

The Chivecast: This is the only podcast out there right now that focuses strictly on vintage Star Wars collecting. It is monthly and was started roughly 6 months ago by a couple of collectors on Rebelscum. It is hosted as the official podcast of The Star Wars Collectors Archive. Early on, they even had some discussion on U grading and had collectors view their thoughts on the U grade.

Star Wars Action News: This is a weekly podcast on Star Wars collecting. It focuses a bit more on modern items (currently in stores), but they do have a vintage segment every now and then. They cover a wide range of items from toys, statues, books, etc. Even though I don’t collect a lot of that stuff anymore, I still find it enjoyable to listen to and keep up with the current news in Star Wars.

Now Playing: A movie review podcast put on by some of the same people that do Star Wars action news. This one is a lot of fun in that they occasionally review new movies, but also focus a lot on older movies too. They recently did retrospectives on the Predator movies and Karate Kid movies leading up to the new releases. For warning this one does have explicit language, but usually only when reviewing an R rated film.

We Have Communicators: (formerly iPhone Alley) This is a podcast that covers all i device related news each week, so pretty much anything iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iOS.

Macbreak Weekly: This show is hosted by Leo Laporte that some might know from his Tech TV days. It is a weekly show that is recorded on Tuesdays that cover all things Mac. They cover the weeks news and any other fun topics that come up. I find Leo to be pretty unbiased toward Apple as he is someone who covers all areas of tech.

Engadget Podcast: One of my favorite tech news sites. They discuss pretty much everything and anything coming out in the tech industry. One week they may talk about phones and another week the focus could be on cameras. They also get in to some pretty fun arguments at times.

Apple Responds

Today Apple has finally made an official response on the iPhone 4. They only mention issues with how the signal bars are displayed on the phone, but hopefully it will fix some of the other reported issues as well. They say the fix will be released in a few weeks which I was hoping a bit sooner, but as long as it is done right, I don’t mind the wait.

The iPhone 4 Debacle

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a week now and overall am enjoying it. I love the new screen, front and rear cameras, and overall speed. However, I’m sure most have heard of the few problems that have been found. The big one is the reception issue which can be caused by bridging the two antennas with your hand, causing the phone to lose signal. I’ve been able to forcibly replicate the issue with my phone, but have never accidentally lost a call because of it. The other issue that I have had, is with 3G. Sometimes I’ll go to use my data and nothing will happen. The wheel icon will spin next to the 3G icon and sit there for minutes trying to load a page or email. When it does work though it is really fast. Apple, publicly has been silent about these issues except for a few supposed emails from Steve Jobs saying “Don’t hold it that way” and it is “not an issue”

This is affecting enough people that I certainly have a feeling that Apple is working to correct this. Many have been pointing directly at the hardware, but I also personally feel that it can be corrected via software. Here is a pretty good article to support that claim. I would hope Apple would have thoroughly tested the hardware before launch and that just maybe a bug was introduced into the final build of iOS 4 causing the problem.

I think people are really jumping the gun wanting free bumper cases and already a class action lawsuit. They need to give Apple time to create a workable fix or diagnose what the problem is. The phone has been only out a week and I know I would want Apple to fully test the fix before releasing it to the public instead of potentially creating more problems. If people are having such a big issue with this, then my recommendation is to take the phone back, get your refund, and use a cheap AT&T phone for a month and see if in that time the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, with new hardware, problems like this can crop up. I had one of the very first Macbook Pros which had a problem known as the CPU whine. It took a month or so, but Apple came out with a revision to the Logic Board that solved the problem. I had mine replaced within a couple of days. I fully believe that they will fix this either by software or a later hardware revision that us early adopters can replace our phones with. Only time will tell.

Here’s a video showing the signal issue.

iPhone 4 Line

Sarah and I made it to the Apple Store about an hour ago and there are already a couple hundred people here. It is pretty crazy that this many people are here, but were loaded up with Pepsis and snacks. Here’s a picture I tried to take of the line.

Uodate: More Pictures

Apple & AT&T Server Overload

This morning was iPhone 4 preorder day and basing on the slowness of Apple and AT&Ts websites, it is another hit. I woke up a little bit before 7 and tried to order a phone with no luck. I tried again as soon as I got to work and the same thing. After trying for a couple hours, I was finally given an option to do in store pick up and I figured why not. It means I’ll be getting up early on Thursday morning as the Apple store opens at 7 that day, but hopefully the lines won’t be too bad and I’ll be able to make it back to work somewhat on time. I know last year with the 3GS the lines weren’t bad because of online preordering. Also, for some reason the white model isn’t available to preorder and that was the one Sarah was wanting. There hasn’t been any kind of ETA on that model, so were hoping the store will have those too even though there isn’t a preorder. I guess we’ll see. I hope it doesn’t turn into an all day event again, but I guess if I only have to do it every 2 years, it isn’t so bad.