35 Years of Terror

Well, on November 16th this year, I hit the 35 year old mark. Sarah went all out to help make it a birthday to remember. We planned it all around a little vacation to California and the 35 Years of Terror convention which was celebrating 35 years since the first Halloween movie was released. The… Continue reading 35 Years of Terror

Jobs: The Movie

Late last night, I was able to attend a showing of the new movie, Jobs. I have been interested in this movie ever since production started and I saw some of the stills of Ashton Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs.


A little over a month ago I read on Engadget about MoviePass which sounded like a promising service. Basically you pay $30 a month and it gets you into an unlimited amount of movies at the theatre with the stipulation that you can only go to one a day, no 3D, or IMAX. Considering how many… Continue reading MoviePass

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CES 2011

Last week was the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If I’m counting right, this should have been my 9th CES now as I believe my first was in 2001 and I missed one because of school a couple years ago. This year I spent 3 days at the show and still feel like… Continue reading CES 2011

Star Wars in 3D

Yes, it’s true! After George Lucas made mention of it in 2005, an official release year has been announced. All 6 Star Wars movies are going back to theaters starting in 2012 with Episode I. The official announcement can be read here on starwars.com. The griping has already started on the internets with many fans… Continue reading Star Wars in 3D

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