Another 4.0

I some how managed another 4.0 this semester. It of course was a little easier with only 2 class than last semester, but still amazing for me. That means my last year in college was a straight 4.0. My cumulative gpa ended up being a 3.58 which put me really close to get one of the medallions for graduation which required a 3.6. Anyway enough bragging ūüôā I’m just glad I was able to finish so well.

Final Grades

Yesterday my final grade showed up. I knew what this one was going to be, but wanted to wait until I posted about this. I’m not one to normally brag about my grades and such, but I feel like I have to share this time. Some how I managed to get a 4.0 this semester. I was expecting maybe an A- or two and possibly a B+ from one class that the teacher never during the semester let us know where we stood.

I really never thought I would ever have a 4.0, but it is nice to have finally gotten one my last year of school. Now onto the final semester.


Finals Are Over

Tonight I had my last final. It hasn’t quite hit yet that the semester is over and probably won’t until grades come in. I think I had a good semester and hopefully get the grades I feel that I earned. I’m looking forward to only two classes next semester. I just checked and my degree has finally been changed from the old Multimedia¬†Communication¬†Technology to Digital Media and I am on track with all my credits to graduate in April.¬†

On another note I decided to change to a Christmas theme on the site until the end of December. The theme I was using before had a few issues with WordPress 2.7. I played around with the php, but still couldn’t quite get it right. I’m searching around for a new¬†permanent¬†one to use after the new year. Hopefully after that things will stay the same. I’m looking for one that uses some of the new 2.7 features like threaded comments.¬†

I hope all my readers have a great Christmas and New Year. We will be in St. George over the break, so hopefully we can meet up with some friends down there.

Almost There

After having to book an appointment 2 weeks in advance I ¬†was finally able to meet with my counselor¬†at UVU. I was thinking next semester I would be taking about 10 credits to graduate. Because of some changes with the degree, some of my classes were not showing up on my degree evaluation. My counselor said I just need to meet with her again in¬†January¬†when all the degree changes have taken place and she is going to push them through for me. It looks like with that part taken care of I only need to take 6 credits in the Spring to graduate. That was really great news to me. So¬†basically¬†next semester I am just taking Senior Projects 2 and a presentations class. I’m glad with this so I can focus more time on the Senior Project and at the same time it should hopefully be a somewhat relaxed semester to end on. As for this semester we only have a week left of classes, so I am trying to get everything in and ready for final projects. I think that will be what this weekend will consist of mostly.

Wolverine Wednesday

Every Wednesday this semester they have had Wolverine Wednesday. I think the school is doing it to try and promote school spirit. Every Wednesday you can get a J Dawg on campus and a treat for $3. However, if you are wearing green, then you get your J Dawg for $2 and a drink to go with it. It is a deal that cannot be beat and you get all the fixings. J Dawg’s has a special sauce which is like a really sweet BBQ that makes them taste really good. They are located at 880 North 700 East in Provo near BYU and I highly recommend them.