Woohoo It’s Over

Just finished the last of my homework and finals, so I am now officially on Summer Break. It is a good feeling. Now maybe I can work on some of the things I have wanted to do for a long time. Like get a book on Final Cut Pro and become a little more familiar with it before I take my class in the Fall semester or even just read a book in general.

Semester is almost over

I almost had a heart attack last night when I found out all we have left is one more week of school and then finals. I thought there was another week in there somewhere. Looks like this weekend will be spent getting the rest of my assignments finished. I’m looking forward to the long needed summer break.

It’s Official I’m a Dixie Graduate

Today Dixie posted my Associate in Science Degree on my transcript. I soon will finally have one of those pieces of paper that will help me make more money. I decided to attend the graduation ceremony. That won’t be until the first week of May though. Hopefully I get my actual diploma before then. Now onto the Bachelor Degree.