Leopard Server Switch Part 1

I think now I’ve got everything in place from the switch to the Leopard server OS, so it is now time to document. If you’re not a geek, ignore the next few posts. 🙂

The first thing I did was make sure I had a backup of my data. I not only had a complete backup of my previous server files, but also the latest backups of the mysql databases for wordpress, etc.

I did a basic install of Leopard server, but excluding extras like printer drivers and language fonts as I didn’t need those. I did make sure to install X11 as it is a requirement for macports which I’ll talk about later. The install went without a hitch, so then it was time to do the updates. There are at least 2 GB of updates after clean install of 10.5.0 Server that bring it up to 10.5.8.

With all the updates in place it was time to select the services that I want to run on the server. OS X server comes with several loaded out of the box and it is just a matter of enabling them(checking a box) in the Server Admin utility. I started of by enabling web(apache), mysql (wordpress database), mail (for administrative messages), and afp (for file sharing and Time Machine backups). This makes them show up in the left hand pane in server admin and you can now configure them before starting the actual service.
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Google Apps

Today, I decided to give google apps a try and setup my own kemple.us email. Previously I had the email set to simply forward to my typical gmail, but with google apps, for free, I get up to 50 accounts on my domain and all the usual gmail, calendar, docs, etc features that google offers. Setup was fairly simple with the longest part being waiting on my mx records to update and google to verify the changes. They even let you change the gmail logo to the logo of your choosing which I thought was a nice touch and you can still connect with googles exchange server for push email on the iPhone. I’m trying to consolidate all my emails now to this one email.

Here’s a link that shows the features in the free version and the premier versions.


and a video giving a general overview of google apps.

Automysqlbackup and Ubuntu 10.04

One thing that I haven’t been able to get working right in Ubuntu 10.04 was the automysqlbackup script. Basically I have this script set to run every day and it backs up the mysql databases on my server. After I made the upgrade, the script would run, create the backup files, but it would not email them to me. I have been casually looking for a fix over the last couple of months, but hadn’t found anything.

Well today I checked out the project page and a new version had been released. I was hoping this would fix the problem. I reconfigured the new script and ran it, but got the following error:

Can’t stat [email protected]: No such file or directory
[email protected]: unable to attach file.

I figured that was better than before as I didn’t get any error messages with the old version. I decided to look in the support forum and found a post from someone with the same problem. Here is what they did to fix it and it worked for me too.

Since i already had mutt installed, googled for the problem, but didnt find any like this. Then i looked through the script and changed this:


mutt -s "${ERRORNOTE} MySQL Backup Log and SQL Files for ${HOST} - ${DATE}" ${BACKUPFILES} ${MAILADDR} < ${LOGFILE} #send via mutt


mutt -s "${ERRORNOTE} MySQL Backup Log and SQL Files for ${HOST} - ${DATE}" ${MAILADDR} ${BACKUPFILES} < ${LOGFILE} #send via mutt

so all i did was switched ${BACKUPFILES} with ${MAILADDR} .

It is working all right now.

Comments Fixed

I was just made aware a couple days ago that an error was coming up for regular users when going to make comments. It was related to my gallery2 installation and I found a temporary fix that seems to have worked for now. It actually has given me an incentive to find a new replacement, so I’ll probably be implementing that in the next month or so.

Also, tonight I switched the DNS for kemple.us to Zone Edit, so now all my sites are using that instead of noip. NoIp was working great and I would still recommend it, but ZoneEdit allows 5 free domains and free is always nice. 🙂 Now I just have to pay for domain renewals each year which isn’t much at all.

WordPress 3.0 Officially Released

I guess yesterday was a good time to switch themes as it was my plan to do that on the release date. Today WordPress 3.0 is final and officially out. You can download it from the wordpress.org main site I just upgraded from RC3 with the auto upgrade feature and it was just a matter of seconds, so now all my sites are running one install of 3.0.

It was exactly 2 years ago in March that I made the switch to WordPress and it is still my favorite blogging software. It looks like I began on version 2.3 back then. I try to stay on top of all the updates and so far I haven’t had any problems via an exploit like what happened with PHPNUKE However, that did make me learn my lesson and now I have a nightly backup of my database in place.

This video tour was just posted on the wordpress blog showing some of the new features.

Click on the graphic below to see a video of me performing the upgrade process.