My Star Wars Site Featured

On Monday, the July episode of The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast was released. I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear them mention a recent article that I published on my website, about a mail away promotion that I’ve been researching. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the final auction with the missing piece I had been looking for, but I now know that my theories on the subject were correct.

For anyone that would like to listen to it, I’ve chopped out the except which can be downloaded here.

Star Tours 2 3D Launches

Today at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida, Star Tours 2 officially opened. The ride looks like a great upgrade with now roughly 50 different possible versions and lots of new places to visit. It looks like the ride will have a good mix between the original movies and the prequel movies, so it should make both generations of fans happy. It will also open at Disneyland on June 3rd which works out perfect for a little vacation we have planned in July. Here’s some videos showcasing the new ride.

And for fun, here’s the original ad for the old ride from the 80’s. I hope at some point the original footage is made available for fans.

Star Wars Early Bird Mailer Set

Sunday, on a local classifieds site, I found a listing titled “Star Wars ‘Early Bird Special'” with the following description:

I have an Early Bird Special with Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and Princess Leia. Original packaging from the 70’s in the original box sent in the mail! The light saber in Luke’s arm functions properly. Send an email to me if interested.

There wasn’t a picture and my first thought was that it was probably the 2005 Walmart reissue, but I figured it didn’t hurt to send a question asking for a picture. A few days passed with no response, so I figured it must have sold.

Wednesday, I received a reply that the seller didn’t have any pictures. I decided to ask some questions about the set, like figures still in bags, Double Telescoping Saber (more on that later), paperwork, etc. He answered all my questions and everything sounded correct. I arranged to meet him Thursday night to see the set and hopefully work out a deal.

I originally planned on selling the figures as they weren’t still sealed in the bags and I want to upgrade the set with those later, but in talking with the seller, I’ve changed my mind about that. He shared his memories with me in receiving the set and coming to Utah to visit family to see Star Wars for the first time. I could tell it still meant something to him and he was making sure it was going to a good home. The surprising part was he opened the figures, but never really played with them, so they are all in great condition.
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Valentines Gift

About a month or two ago a collecting friend alerted me to a new piece of Luke Jedi artwork that was going to be available soon. I’ve tried to stay away from this area of collecting as it can be quite expensive, but when I saw this piece I knew I had to make an exception. Even when it did come up for sale I was hesitating, but Sarah urged me to go ahead, so I bit the bullet. The main problem with buying this stuff is getting proper frames made up for it and with the cost involved I want to make sure they are UV resistant and use archival materials. I found out about the website by recommendation of another collector. The prices seemed quite good for what you get and Sarah decided to buy the frame for me as a Valentine’s gift. I actually did the same for her as she had another piece of artwork that needed framing.
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DIY Framing

Starting out this year I’ve been focusing a bit on my display for my collection. Something I knew I really wanted to do was get some framing done for my Ad Slick and Cromalin.

I found out about the site As a test I decided to price out a frame for my ad slick to see what the cost was and it was a pretty good deal. Any order over $50 includes free shipping in the U.S. which was also nice. The frame arrived today after shipping on Monday and I thought I’d document the process in case anyone was interested in trying them out.

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