Room sale

One event that many collectors look forward too are the room sales. They’ve gotten so big that the haven’t taken place in actual rooms the last two conventions. Basically collectors bring a bunch of stuff to sell at the convention and then a night or two these sales go on at one of the main hotels. This is the only picture I managed to take as I wanted to make sure i didn’t miss anything cool. There was a lot of stuff that I would have liked, but I only picked up one item. It was an Australian Luke Jedi card back to go with my focus. I feel that I got a pretty fair price for a card that doesn’t come up for sale very often.

iPhone OS 4 in Action

Today was the Keynote and it brought some more sought after features to the iPhone OS. The main ones are multitasking, Folders for organizing apps, unified inbox for multiple e-mail accounts, and finally wallpaper on the home screen. There are also a few more things on the back end for developers. The keynote should show up on Apple’s website sometime tonight and I’ll post a link when it does.

In the meantime Engadget has loaded the beta of the OS on an iPhone 3GS showing some of these new features in action.

Google Voice

I’ve been using Google Voice for a little over a month now and I’m really liking it. The one big problem with it, is the fact that it is hard to explain to people. I’m going to do my best here with some videos/screenshots to give people an idea of what it does. When I first heard about Google Voice, my first thought was that it was another voip service like skype and the others out there. Instead, it is a series of services that can be applied to your existing phone services. You can choose to get a new Google voice number that gives you access to everything or you can use your current number and have access to just a few of the features. I looked into both options and decided that getting a google voice number was the way to go mainly for two reasons. The first was the ability to have unlimited texting for free and the 2nd is that if I happen to switch phone providers for any reason I just simply update my google voice settings and do not have to give out another phone number.

Here is a video put together by google that explains the basics of what Google Voice and what it does.

Here are a few more showing some of the specifics of my favorite functions.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t allowed the Google Voice app on the iPhone, so you have to use a few work arounds to get it to work. Google has provided a web app that you can bookmark to your home screen. It will open up Safari and give you access to the dialer, texting, voicemails. I’ll create a new post on how I’ve setup text message through google voice to push through the iPhone. As of right now Google Voice is invite only, but you can request to be invited on their page. Here are a few screenshots I’ve take on my iPhone showing the web app in action.