Room sale

One event that many collectors look forward too are the room sales. They’ve gotten so big that the haven’t taken place in actual rooms the last two conventions. Basically collectors bring a bunch of stuff to sell at the convention and then a night or two these sales go on at one of the main… Continue reading Room sale

iPhone OS 4 in Action

Today was the Keynote and it brought some more sought after features to the iPhone OS. The main ones are multitasking, Folders for organizing apps, unified inbox for multiple e-mail accounts, and finally wallpaper on the home screen. There are also a few more things on the back end for developers. The keynote should show… Continue reading iPhone OS 4 in Action

Google Voice

I’ve been using Google Voice for a little over a month now and I’m really liking it. The one big problem with it, is the fact that it is hard to explain to people. I’m going to do my best here with some videos/screenshots to give people an idea of what it does. When I… Continue reading Google Voice