CES 2011

Last week was the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If I’m counting right, this should have been my 9th CES now as I believe my first was in 2001 and I missed one because of school a couple years ago. This year I spent 3 days at the show and still feel like… Continue reading CES 2011

New Sonic 2D Side scroller

Last night Sega officially unveiled Sonic 4 which was previously known as project needlemouse. After 16 years a direct sequel to Sonic 3 is finally coming and it is in the same style as the games that made Sonic famous. Sonic has been one of those games that just hasn’t really translated well after the… Continue reading New Sonic 2D Side scroller

Happy Birthday Genesis!

20 years ago today the Genesis was launched by Sega in the U.S. It is pretty crazy to think it was that long ago. When the Genesis was released, Nintendo still had something like 80-90% of the video game market and was still going strong. Later this same year, the movie the Wizard, came out… Continue reading Happy Birthday Genesis!