Christmas 1990 Nintendo VS Sega

I found this video on gametrailers and thought it was a pretty interesting look back. This was just before the big 16-bit console battle heated up. The next year was the time when Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog and actually became a big competitor against Nintendo and then shortly after the Super Nintendo was released.

News program Good Morning America did a segment on Nintendo and its competitors during the 1990 holiday season. It was a question wether or not Nintendo could uphold their position as top game maker despite their older NES hardware compared to their rival’s 16-bit systems. Nintendo wasn’t gonna have their 16-bit system released in the States until the following year. More powerful systems also meant a higher price tag which was a major concern due to the U.S. economy at the time.

Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is Out

Yesterday Street Fighter 2 HD was released on the Playstation network and today it is out on Xbox Live. I think I am going to buy it, so I can have some Street Fighter action over Thanksgiving break. The nice thing about this release is it is not just the old game like most releases. They actually updated the graphics to give it a new look. You can also still play with the old graphics too which is a nice option. Anyway it looks great and costs $15. IGN already posted a video review of the PS3 version.

link to video review

New Xbox Experience

Yesterday Microsoft released their new Xbox Experience for the 360. The interface now closer to something Apple might do and they have also added an Avatar feature that mimics the mii feature on the Wii. One of the biggest new features in my opinion is that you can now rent and stream movies directly to your T.V. if you have a Netflix account. I have heard that you can do a free Netflix trial, so I might give it a go to test it out. I still need to play around with the update. I updated my 360 last night just before going to sleep so I just got a quick overview, but from what I saw it did look pretty cool. Below is a picture of the original dashboard with the old blade system and then two new pictures from the update.

Former Nintendo Employee Collection For Sale

A member on the forums has for sale a bunch of items from a former Nintendo employee. There are some really neat pieces available from employee items, store displays, and systems. I would have to say my favorite though is this Donkey Kong 64 promotional kit. The description says “This is a promotional kit sent to retailers for the release of Donkey Kong on the N64 game systems. The kit includes 4 t-shirts, 4 buttons, 4 plastic bananas, 1 memory foam banana, 2 scratch pads, 1 key chain, 1 video, 1 counter pad, 1 roll of stickers and 1 instruction sheet. In mint condition, never used.”

A few pics of the kit are below and the entire gallery of items can be viewed on photobucket

Nintendo Update

I initially tried just cleaning the box with a damp cloth and nothing came off. I then decided to try a Q-Tip dipped in Goo Gone and it came right off. I swear by this stuff and sometimes you can even find it at a dollar store.