Ring of Death Strikes Again

Last week the Xbox 360 decided to give us the Red Ring of Death again. It has been really crazy with school that I haven’t had a chance to look at it until today. Luckily it looks like the screws had just loosened from my initial xclamp replacement mod. I retightened the screws and VOILA it came back to life with the familiar boot up screen and sound. I’m guessing this happened just from the heating and cooling that is going on inside the 360 causing the motherboard and screws to expand and contract. This time though I did decide to buy an extra cooling unit to attach to the 360. I am about ready to buy a replacement case since the original 360 case is such a pain to take apart. I’m sure Microsoft did that for a reason to try and keep us curious folks out.

Happy 30th Atari 2600

30 years ago this month the first Atari 2600 systems rolled off the assembly line and began a home video game revolution. I have many of fond memories playing games like Pitfall, Adventure, Pacman, and Asteroids. Unfortunately our Atari was given away a long time ago, so I no longer have it, but the games live on with emulators 🙂

The original article can be read at engadget

Some People Have No Common Sense

I just read this article on Digg. Someone who scored a copy of Halo 3 was stupid enough to try and play it on Xbox Live. There is still 19 days before Halo 3 is even available at retail. He could have just played the single player game until after the release date. Obviously his console has been banned, so now in the future he will have to get a new 360 in order to use xbox live. I may have a modded console, but I know that I shouldn’t let it “phone home” in its current state.

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Ring Of Death!!!!!!

Well today Sarah turned on the Xbox 360 and got the infamous ring of death. It has been almost two years since we got the 360, so I was hoping we would avoid it. My warranty is already voided, so sending it to Microsoft was out of the question. I looked up the error code and found out it was related to the GPU. I also found out that whoever applied many of the heat sinks left the little tin foil strip attached that covered the paste, so it basically wasn’t conducting the heat at all. Luckily I found a fix on the great internet. I followed the tutorial on the X-Clamp replacement found at http://360hax.com/page.php?9. It took me most of the evening including a trip to Lowes for the necessary tools, but as of 11:20 tonight it has been running for more than 30 minutes just like normal. Longer than it ever has during the day today. Hopefully it keeps working. I might look into an attachment fan.

Halo 3 Trailer and Xbox 360

This week is E3 and Microsoft unveiled a Halo 3 edition XBOX 360. Alot of people are complaining about it being ugly, but I kinda like it. I think it fits the Halo 3 look very well. I still want to mod mine though with a black case. Also, a new trailer for Halo 3 was shown. Only 2 months to go until the release. Looks like it will be a blast.