Apple Surpasses Dell’s Market Value

As posted on Slashdot “Nine years after Michael Dell said he’d shut down Apple and give the money to the shareholders, Apple has passed Dell in market value, at $72,132,428,843 compared to Dell’s $71,970,702,760. Analysts expect Apple to continue to outperform competitors, citing 2006 as ‘poised to be the year of both iPod growth and, more importantly, Mac market share gains,’ with earnings growing more than 35%. I should have bought stock two years ago!”

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Call Me

Registered users now have a link on the right hand side to call me with Skype when they are logged in. Feel free to give me a call it is free. Remember you must be logged in to see the link.
You can get Skype free at and it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Pocket PC.


New Skype Released

During CES Skype released version 2.0 of their software, which now includes video capabilities. I tried it last night and the video was nice a smooth and the call quality was as always excellent. Try it out at My skype name is xboxphanatic if anyone would like to try it.


Back from CES

Well I am back from the Consumer Electronics show. There were many great things to see. Some of my highlights were a Playstation 3 mockup, the Treo 700w from Palm, The Soundblaster X-fi from Creative, and finally the wifi Skype phone from Netgear. I have poster pics taken from the show in the gallery.