Kenner Really Did Care!

Kenner, was a company that seemed to really pride themselves on customer service. I’ve read countless stories where someone wrote into Kenner and received a response regarding their various questions or were sent freebies for unexpected delays in the various mail away promotions. The most obvious way, in which they showed great customer service, was… Continue reading Kenner Really Did Care!

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30 Day Photo Challenge #2

Today’s challenge was to help with photo composition by using the rule of thirds. In my example. I decided to take a picture of my iPhone and have the Apple logo in the top left intersect point, which also happened to also include the word iPhone in the lower left intersect point. By putting your… Continue reading 30 Day Photo Challenge #2

30 Day Photo Challenge #1

One of the photography sites I visit, is doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge. I thought it would be fun to participate and it would give me something new to post on here since I haven’t been doing too much lately. Basically, each day a new assignment comes up and I’ll post the photo I… Continue reading 30 Day Photo Challenge #1

Unlocked iPhone 3G

Last month, AT&T finally said they’d unlock off contract iPhones. I decided to try and get a used iPhone 3G as a spare and to test out the whole unlock process. I found a 3G cheap on ebay with a broken screen. The seller claimed that the screen, and a somewhat unresponsive home button were the… Continue reading Unlocked iPhone 3G

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